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What is a Cookie?

Cookies are text files that are transferred to your device when you visit a website. They include small bits of information. On each subsequent visit, cookies are transmitted back to the original website or another website that recognises the cookie. Cookies are helpful because they allow a website to recognise the device used by a user.

What are Cookies used for?

We may combine information we gather through Cookies placed by us and our partners with any information you provide once you register on the website. Cookies serve multiple purposes, including making it easier to navigate between pages, remembering your preferences, and overall improving the user experience. They may also assist in making internet advertisements more relevant to you and your preferences.

What types of Cookies does Yuan Pay Group use?

We use two types of Cookies on Yuan Pay Group, which include Permanent Cookies and Third-Party Cookies.

Third-party cookies are those that are placed on your device by third parties other than the website you are visiting, such as an advertiser or an analytics system. They are primarily used to monitor people as they move across websites and deliver more relevant advertising.

Policy amendments

Yuan Pay Group reserves the right to modify how we collect and process information on our website at any moment. We will notify you of any changes to this Cookie Policy and give you the chance to review them before they take effect unless otherwise required by law.

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